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What is Ekattor

The Ekattor School Management System ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) is a collection of programs designed to assist schools in administering their executive responsibilities on a day-to-day basis.

In the 21st century, almost every well-known educational institute uses a school management system to enhance ability and productivity. This school management system empowers schools to keep track of their daily operations while centralizing their resources and information. This managing system helps to reduce the pressure of managing a large amount of data from the school.

Who is Ekattor for?

Ekattor school management system ERP is an online platform where authorities can operate daily activities and control school data.

Student admissions, Student management, Admin management, Permission attributing, Exam management, Fees management, Accounting management, Library management, Teacher management, Parents management are included in the routine activities. Ekattor school management system ERP is helpful for: 

  • Schools 
  • Colleges 
  • Universities 
  • Other educational institutions etc.

Users of Ekattor

Ekattor ERP provides the best user experience. This school management system is decorated to help seven kinds of users. They are-

  • Superadmin
  • Admin
  • Teacher
  • Parent
  • Student
  • Accountant
  • Librarian

In Ekattor, every user has to play different roles with different permissions to operate the daily activities of an educational institution. This permission helps the users to control and run the institute smoothly.


A superadmin has to play the most crucial role. He has the highest number of privileges and permissions. Mostly, he can add, edit, and remove school admin. He can monitor and control academic activities, live classes, exam-related activities, accounting-related activities, back-office-related activities, and online courses.


An admin has the highest permissions and privileges after superadmin. An admin can monitor, control, and take action on academics, examinations, live classes, accounting, and back-office-related activities. But for a particular institute.


A teacher's role is oriented toward teaching and academic-related activities. He has permission to overview the list of students, class routine, subjects, event calendar, and back-office activities. He can overview, edit, and delete student's and their parent's information. A teacher has permission to issue ID cards for students, and he can take attendance/biometric attendance. He has the authorization to create the syllabus, add or edit new live classes, and provide marks and comments on the examination.

In Ekattor, a teacher can add assignments, publish, draft, expire, make questions and review them, and he can also create and modify online courses here.


In Ekattor, a parent can overview the teacher's list, academic (daily attendance, class routine, syllabus, and event calendar), and back-office activities. Parents can also monitor the exam marks and grades. They can pay fees for their children in this panel.


A student has the permission to overview the list of teachers, daily attendance, class routine, syllabus, event calendar, back-office, exam marks, and grades in Ekattor. A student can overview marks, and comments, and submit their assignment. They can also join live classes, pay feeses, issue books from the library, watch online courses and get specific course information from here.


In this panel, an accountant gets all the permission for financial activities. An accountant has permission to add, edit and delete expense and expense categories. They can add mass or single invoices, export reports in CSV, PDF, and Print.


A librarian has the track of every book in the library, and they will get all library-related activities permissions. They also have permission to issue books, and they can add, edit, and remove books from the library and have permission to issue books.


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